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Prof. Dr. Ahyas Siss

Associate Professor II UFRRJ – Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Is Post-PhD in Social Anthropology from the Museu Nacional / UFRJ. Graduated (BA and degree) in Social Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, a Masters in Sociology by the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro – IUPERJ – and doctorate in Education from the Federal Fluminense University (2001). He was Deputy Director of the Multidisciplinary Institute – Campus UFRRJ in Nova Iguaçu (11 / 2006-05 / 2009). It has experience in the areas of social anthropology, sociology and education working primarily in the following areas: anthropology of Afro-Brazilian populations, affirmative action and higher education, education of ethnic-racial relations, teacher training and Law 10639/2003. It was the GT Coordinator 21 Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations ANPEd the periods 2006-2007 and 2008-2009. Member of the Scientific Committee of the National Association (2010/2012). It is leader GPESURER – Research Group Higher Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations, a member of LEAFRO – (NEAB) of UFRRJ and Coordinator of OPAAS – Observatory of Affirmative Action Policies on Brazilian Southeast, with publications in the field of Racial-Ethnic Relations and Brazilian Education. He is a professor / researcher permanent member of the Postgraduate Program in Education, Contemporary Contexts and Popular Demands (PPGEduc) Master and Doctorate of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRRJ, Research line III – Education and Diversities Ethnic-Racial and professor / researcher collaborator of the Program of Post-Graduation in Education of the Catholic – Master and Doctorate – University Dom Bosco. Managing Editor of the Electronic Review Repecult – Revista Ensaios e Pesquisas em Educação e Cultura (ISSN 2526-2742).

  • Líder do OPAAS/Researcher

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