About us

The Opaas – Observatory of Affirmative Action Policies of the Southeast Region – is an Interinstitutional Program integrated by the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), and the Federal University of Other Preto (UFOP). It comprises an articulated set of actions  aimed at identifying, comparing and analyzing the implementation and execution of Affirmative Action policies aimed at Black and Brown (Black) students implemented in these Public Institutions of Higher Education by Laws 12,711/2012 and 12,990/2014, updated by Normative Guideline No. 3, of August 1, 2016 and also by Normative Ordinance No. 4, of April 6, 2018 of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management (MPOG). The results of Opaas actions were presented and discussed in various spaces, academic or not, such as congresses, meetings, seminars and symposia held in Brazilian public universities, in Copene(s), ABPN and ANPEd, among others, and published in the media print and electronic.

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